Ingenio Foundation Virtual Campus

This website has been created by the Foundation for the Promotion of Employment, Vocational Training and the Cooperative Movement of Villa de Ingenio, in order to organize services and academic activities that respond to the needs of the educational community.

In this platform there are a series of resources that could be classified into five groups according to the role they play in learning management:

  • Communication resources, allows teachers and students to communicate.​
  • Material resources, set of material contents of the subject (texts, books, notes, slide presentations, links to web pages...)​
  • Resources for activities, which allow the development of different designs depending on the task, and provide tools and/or techniques for its monitoring and evaluation, such as learning analytics and proctoring.​
  • Means for interaction, focused on the management of asynchronous (forums, mailbox, blogs, etc.) and synchronous (chat and video conference services) communication.
  • Finally, resources for the creation and management of educational content repositories, which meet production standards that guarantee interoperability between similar institutions.

Regarding the online resources offered by the virtual campus, we can distinguish the following:

  • Information services: about the institution itself, educational model, philosophy, admission criteria, registration deadlines, among others.
  • Admission services: publication of academic programs, registration, date and place of examinations, qualification and publication of the list of admitted.
  • Training, which includes the distribution of educational materials, whether digital or printed, academic debates, activities and evaluation tasks.
  • Educational resources, such as the library, workshops and laboratories, and academic articles.

This campus will be available every day. To have access to it, students will receive